Effective trading advisors in the Forex market

Effective trading advisors in the Forex market. Forex advices as for novices as for professionals. Forex advisor referred to software, which is based on a special algorithm, written in a special programming language. Very popular advisors, with the extension mq4 and ex4, they function in MT4 terminal. Counsellors with an extension mq4 can amend, modify, […]


Price Action – market analysis without the indicator

Modern Forex market exists for decades. During this time, traders from around the world have created a number of different trading systems and strategies. Among them can not be separated one that is unique and break-even, as each has its advantages and disadvantages. Why? It’s very simple – they were invented by the human. And […]

Pivot Points in Forex

Pivot Points in Forex: Display of your timeframe

In Forex trading it is always helpful to have a visual of the market map and see where the price is relative to previous market action. Thus, we can learn the mood of traders and investors at any given time, it also gives us a general idea of where the market moves during the day […]


How to trade Forex more profitable

1.   Compare the size of the lot with a deposit The biggest advancement in terms of the profitability on the market I had when I started trading smaller volumes and excluded the “fear”. You’ve probably encountered the situation when there was a Margin Call, soon after which the price was unfolding in the right […]


Forex and time: select the optimal trading session.

Let us review the trading sessions individually. Pacific (Australian) Session. Previously, these guys from Australia and Oceania are waking up earlier than all traders in the world. These “early birds” and open Pacific trading session, which begins at midnight in Moscow and ends at nine o’clock in the morning. Due to the fact that, during this […]

Pivot Points in Forex

Politics or economics: what has the greater influence on the Forex market?

Every trader knows that pricing of exchange market is due to the predominance of supply or demand for a specific asset. As a result, this asset will go up or fall in price, respectively. But unless the quotes that we see in the terminal depend only on subjective reasons, that is the market sentiment? Politics and […]


Psychological strategies for Forex beginner. Part 2

Before reading please check out Psychological strategies for forex beginner. Part 1 Psychological strategies for forex beginner. Part 2 You probably in childhood indulged in all sorts of tests to determine their temperaments. Who are you: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic or melancholic. As a result, some simple tests explained you all in details. Indeed, somehow it became […]